Voter Integrity Act of 2021

Voter fraud is rampant, and in the 2020 election is was blatant. Anyone denying it occurred is a liar, plain and simple. The video, audio evidence is undeniable. Unfortunately Social Media giants have pulled the videos showing ballots being thrown away and ballots being pulled out of hiding in carts and then run through the machines by election officials. Regardless of your thoughts on the 2020 election, voter fraud has been documented at a growing rate since 2000.  We must save our Republic from this, otherwise our vote, your vote will truly never count again.

In order to fight this fraud, people like me have wanted to somehow fix the system but just didn’t know how. We relied on emails to our State and Federal Representatives to ask they fix the situation. Unfortunately, that has fallen on deaf ears, or a best ears that heard and replied with ‘it’s too hard’ among other excuses.

While listening to The Student of the Gun Podcast episode Paul Markel came up with what I can surmise is the best way to solve this problem and protect our Republic.

Here is what I suggest, write and or e-mail your State and Federal Representatives and Senators telling them you must insist on the creation and passage of the Voter Integrity Act of 2021. Below is the short easy version that should need minimal modification and easily be a one page bill. This is directly from Paul Markel. Feel free to copy and paste it in your contacts with your representatives.

“Voter Integrity Act of 2021
1. Absentee Ballots to Active-Duty Armed Forces personnel only.
2. In person voting only with ID verified against voter enrollment records. Signature of voter verified against signature on file or from ID.
3. No Motor-voter: Nullify and remove all motor-voter rules. No automatically sign up for voting when getting a drivers license. Voter registration must be a separate process.
4. Any Municipality, county or region with more registered voter registrations than eligible voters are discovered, loses its votes. The votes of that Municipality, county or region are nullified.
5. Return to secret ballot by requiring punch card ballots that are manually tallied. Paper punch card ballots hand counted by district polling places only. No computer tabulation.
6. Voting by an unlawfully present alien an aggravated class 4 felony.
7. Voter fraud is an automatic 4th degree felony.”

If you want to understand why this is so simply and why there are these 7 simple points, go to you can hear about it starting at 45:20 and going to 54:47

Until we meet again, keep your booger hook off the bang switch until on target and ready to fire.