A quick overview of Ares Tactical

I want to start off with a disclaimer. Matt Facas started out several years ago as some guy I met at a gathering, then he became a guy I knew, then an acquaintance and now I consider him a friend. Before you think my views are too bias, check out some of my other reviews, I can be brutal. With that knowledge I talked to Matt and let him know I wanted to do a review of his products, I did not want or need any since I had many of them on hand. I could see the nervous look in his eyes, he was wondering how tough I was going to be. Well, I am just as tough as with any product I review.

I will start off with where you can find his company Ares Tactical. Check them out at http://www.arestactical.net/ or at https://www.facebook.com/arestactical on FaceBook. Continue reading A quick overview of Ares Tactical

Memorial Weekend 2016

For those wondering, yes, I will close my business again just as we have every year.

No there will be no sale to celebrate the death of our soldiers, my family, my friends.

Ward Computers will not participate in something so despicable. I love capitalism however I will not participate in that which, if thought about is wrong.

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Pistol Conceal Carry holsters: Hip (belt) holsters

Before I begin, you must use a holster if you carry a handgun. sticking it in your belt or sock is just stupid. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/may/16/us-man-shoots-himself-in-foot-while-adjusting-sock

Also Law Enforcement knows that criminals don’t use holsters and good guys do. Why? Guns are a tool to a criminal and if he must ditch the gun, they don’t want evidence they had a gun on them. So wear a holster! Continue reading Pistol Conceal Carry holsters: Hip (belt) holsters

Easy way to start your physical security on a budget: Part 2 basic home ideas

In Part 1 I spoke about firearms on a budget, go hear to read that article.

This time I want to talk about a few ways to protect your home and family on the cheap.

First lock your doors, when you are home and when you leave. Put the chain on and the deadbolt too. No excuses.

With the following simple tips, a door breaching tool won’t easily or quickly work, the door will have to be split into pieces. Giving you time to escape, evade or better yet arm yourself.

On each external door get a door prop leg, like they have at church / businesses. The one that you kick down with your foot to hold the door open. Instead, put it on the inside of your doors and kick it down at night. That should secure the bottom half of your door. Continue reading Easy way to start your physical security on a budget: Part 2 basic home ideas

Has It Really Been 68 Years?

This is a reprint of an article written by Dan McNeil. It has been reprinted with his permission and has been left unedited. It gives a lot of history, that is no longer in books, in a condensed format. Take it as history and facts, if you are a hater, go to another blog please.

68 years ago, in 1948, at least two thousand years after-the-fact, the United Nations declared Israel a nation. One day later, in just the first of many cases of pissey middle-east buzzkill, every Arab country surrounding Israel declared war.   Continue reading Has It Really Been 68 Years?

XS Sites, the final stage!

In June of 2014 I wrote my original articles on my visit to XS Sights. Yes, I just published them here in May. In this report I want to go over my results of using them for all 2015.

Early winter 2014 I installed a set of XS big dot sights on my Glock 19. I chose to install them myself though, as I noted in the first article, one could mail their slide to the XS factory in Ft. Worth and have them installed. I had previously bought their AR front sight, three actually. I will have to get you a review on those soon.

Continue reading XS Sites, the final stage!

XS Sight Systems Visit – Part 3, Other Sights and parts

In Part 1 of this article I went over my visit to XS Sights and their business practices. In Part 2 I briefly wrote about their handgun sights. Here I want to quickly let the readers know, they make sights for rifles as well as other products for firearms.

While XS makes many handgun sights, don’t overlook that fact they make rifle and shotgun sights too. If your Remington or Benelli need an added advantage, XS has what your need. What about your Springfield M1, AK-47 or AR-15 type rifles, yes, they have a large selection from the CSAT (Combat Sight Alignment) to angles mount sights to supplement your scope, including Ghost ring sights. They have dozens of options you can sort through to find what you need. Continue reading XS Sight Systems Visit – Part 3, Other Sights and parts

XS Sight Systems Visit – Part 2, Handgun Sights

Previously I wrote about my visit to XS Sights manufacturing facility in Fort Worth Texas. That article was focused on their business. This one is focused on what has made them famous, their handgun sights.

I want to start this article with a statement; anyone who has taken handgun training should have heard “find the front sight!” or something close to that. While this article is not about how to shoot, you must have your sights on target before you squeeze a round off, and finding the sights quickly under the stress of a real world firefight or a competition is a lot harder than you think. Continue reading XS Sight Systems Visit – Part 2, Handgun Sights

XS Sight Systems Visit – Part 1, The Business

On April 4th, 2014 I was taking care of estate issues at my grandmother’s house in Fort Worth Texas. It was during this time I had the privilege of visiting XS Sight’s facilities, just 1 ½ miles from my grandmother’s house. If I had known that is where they were all these years, I would have visited them many times!

XS Sight Systems was the brain child of Ed Pastusek, who had a manufacturing facility called Horizon Tech Industries that made some very special parts for the medical industry. Founded in 1984 – yes folks, that was 30 years ago) Ed created a trusted business in the medical industry, something rare and even rarer to still be in business. This very day, one of their parts is used every 3 seconds in surgery. Machining and manufacturing were in Ed’s blood and in his family. Continue reading XS Sight Systems Visit – Part 1, The Business