A Real hero dies and gets a squishy movie made about him

The following is a guest article by Dan McNeil

If you have any doubts about what a sissy you are, read Laura Hillenbrand’s book UNBROKEN.

Unbroken, the Book
Unbroken, the Book

Sure, you fought in Operation Desert Storm, braved enemy fire, put out flamethrowers with your spit, and cleared whole minefields by stepping on mines and daring them to go off. Sure, you won a couple of Medals of Honor and goosed the president’s wife at the ceremony.   But how do you stack up next to a real hero like the guy named Louis Zamperini?

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Ignoring and over ruling of 40 unconstitutional laws – a call to Judges

Judges: City, Municipal, County, State, Regional, Federal, Supreme Courts. I have a challenge for you.

I challenge you to remove / overturn / dismiss cases involving unconstitutional laws for your City, County, State or Federal jurisdiction.

To make it easy on you, select 40 such unconstitutional laws and constantly dismiss or throw out such cases, then turn on the idiot prosecutor for filing them and lecture them about the rule of law. After a few examples are made, your unnecessary workload will be greatly reduced. Continue reading Ignoring and over ruling of 40 unconstitutional laws – a call to Judges

The rule of 40 or the removing of 40

The political season is really heating up and those that will win the upcoming elections of 2016 are rising to the top.

I have a challenge for them. This is a challenge for all politicians in the United States of American and territories.

City Government I ask you to remove 40 ordinances, regulations, taxes or laws by December 31st 2017.  That is right, I challenger you to do this in the first 365 days you are in office. Make no new rules, ordinances, regulations, or laws. None whatsoever.

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Ares Flag holster and magazine pouch review

If any of you know me, you know I consider myself to be a patriot. I love the United States of America, I love Texas and Missouri. I consider my citizenship a privilege and an honor. I believe along with living here I have a civic duty to volunteer and support groups that support our States and Country.

Sometimes that patriotism bleeds over to “stuff” and in this case it bled over to a holster and magazine pouch I had Ares Tactical (www.AresTactical.net) make for me in April of 2015. The “Standard” holster and “Double magazine pouch” for a Generation 2 Glock 19 with the Missouri flag and a double magazine pouch with the Texas flag on it.

a picture of beauty
a picture of beauty

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Student of the Gun training, Part 3

In part 1 of this article I talked about my adventures in getting to Mississippi, in part 2 I wrote about alternate use of force options. In this the 3rd and final part, I wanted to talk about the Beyond the Band Aid training.

Zach, one of Professor Paul’s sons, seemed unsure and nervous every time I entered the main door or left the classroom and went through the “reception” area to go to the bathroom.

I saw/see my son Jesse in Zach. I did take a moment to tell him that he is a Rockstar. Why? Because I see something great in him, like I did in Jesse at that age, I couldn’t put my finger on it but I know it is there.

They say once it is on the internet it never disappears. With that in mind. Zach, I don’t know what the future holds for you but I know you can handle it, defeat it and come out on top, in every sense of the word, as Dave Ramsey means it, so do I, in you I see a Rockstar. Not the burn out drugged out self-centered type, but the person who exceeds, all he is meant to do. One who people say, “I am better off for knowing him.” Continue reading Student of the Gun training, Part 3

Training at Student of the Gun – Part 2

In part 1 I gave you some of my adventure of getting to the Student of the Gun University from Missouri and my meeting my classmates.

In part 2, I am going to pickup from where I left off.

Day 1 training was the “Force Options: More than just a gun” class. Jarrad was in the back of the room and soon Professor Paul came in. After introductions and a quick overview of our backgrounds, from each of us students, we began the training.

We went over the various forms of “pepper” spray, Tasers as well as go-no go situations. We used demonstration spray for scenarios and Zack got Tased. Continue reading Training at Student of the Gun – Part 2

ARES IWB UltiClip Holster Review

These days, there are many individuals and companies making Kydex holsters. So many it is hard to choose which company to buy from.

Questions like, what is the material they use, what it the thickness of the material, what styles do they make, will they be around tomorrow and what is their warranty.

Ares Tactical is the Kydex holster maker of my choice and you can read why here: http://the22man.com/2016/05/a-quick-overview-of-ares-tactical/

With that said, I wanted to review a new type of clip for Kydex holsters and how it greatly improves the wearing of such holsters. It is called the Ulti Clip, yes I spelled that correctly. Continue reading ARES IWB UltiClip Holster Review

Training at Student of the Gun University – Part 1 Getting there

In September 2014, I took off 5 days and drove to Mississippi for 3 days of STOG-U training. 1 day of Force Options and 2 days of Beyond the Band Aid.

Being opposed to the TSA and their illegal pat down of American Citizens and one who is more than willing to smack someone who violates a child or is physically aggressive with an elderly person in a wheel chair, I knew my best option for getting to Mississippi (I just love spelling that, no really, I do!) was to rent a vehicle and drive. $213 later I had a rental. Continue reading Training at Student of the Gun University – Part 1 Getting there