Torn between two worlds or at least two futures

I could go through life without thinking. No, not really, my mind runs 100 MPH. I have the curse of always thinking but rarely about one topic for very long.

Is the country about to go socialist? Collapsing economy? Will things “work out” and my time spent preparing for trouble be wasted time I should have spent learning new skills for my business?

Do I build my life based on growing and concentrating on my business and a growing economy?

The 1930's in American were not fun

My grandparents grew up in the depression of the 1930’s, lived through WW II and built lives. They bought homes, cars, went on worldwide vacations et al. They invested in stocks and looked forward to the future and their golden years with an overall positive view. They did not live as though the world was going to end.

Cuban Missile Crisis leaders

My parents lived through the Korea and Vietnam Police actions, terrorism in the states by the Weather Underground, Black Panthers et al through the 60’s and 70’s. Saw world wide terrorism, nuclear conflict and the such, yet, still they bought houses, cars, appliances went on a couple of vacations and put money away for retirement and their golden years. They too looked forward to the future. They didn’t get too much of a “retirement”. They raised a grandchild and were raising a great-grandchild. They did have money put away in retirement and have so far used it to support others.

They both faced a possible world of death and destruction from nuclear forces and domestic terrorist, yet they had an overall positive view of the future. At least enough to prepare for and expect a retirement of home and travel.

They both chose to invest in a positive future, neither had bunkers, stockpiles of food, seeds, prepper homes. There were no “bug out” locations or family training for protection from hordes of ravagers.
They did think about the negatives and did prepare to deal with criminals and thugs. There was a basic plan for inflation but not one for hyper-inflation.

Me, I am torn between looking to the future in a positive light and in a negative light. My forefathers had the same choices and chose the positive side.

How much time do I invest in my business skills? I am an IT business owner, that means that every 18 months or so one part of my industry makes a major change. To keep up requires literally weekly study, research and skill building.

How much time do I invest in my prepping skills? I am very concerned about hyper-inflation, the government literally stealing our God given rights, our land and our money (just taking money out of our accounts [banking, investing …]).

Gold? Silver? Bitcoin? Individual stocks? Stock Funds? Bonds? Land? Lottery? Guns? Ammo? Lube? Baseball Cards? Beanie Babies?

Beanie Babies, the investment of the future?
I’m still not sure how these have investment value, but I have some for sale…

How much time to I spend planning for business future and life vs for an economic collapse? For neighbors being “there” (assisting each other) vs in my face (trying to take from each other) due to division? Living in the suburbs with a paid off home vs getting acreage, where I have to spend more time taking care of it (the land, crops, animals) and add in a mortgage (resulting in more time at the job / work hours / income needed).

How do I, and how do you, choose to look forward to life? Do you plan on cruises to Alaska for pleasure? Hunting trips to Colorado for adventure? Look for land as a family or group bug out location? Then plan on food and shelter at that location with room to train yet be hidden from any roving starving, raping groups?

What is the happy medium? Buy stocks and investments like the future is bright while also investing in survival training? Buy silver and bonds? Learn old school boy scout skills and give to your churches building fund?

Where do you divide your time and how do you decide to properly balance it?

Time divided is time lost

Between spouse time, kid time, time with your pets (you do need to play with your cats and dogs), physical time (CrossFit, power lifting, jiu jitsu et al) time to build your skills for work (whatever your career, most likely to increase your income you must increase your skills) and time to build your survival skills (animal husbandry, gardening, land maintenance, unarmed and armed defensive, alertness…).

Don’t forget you need to have friends, friendly acquaintances and acquaintances. You need to develop those relationships. They are needed for work, personal and religious environments at a minimum. As a rule of thumb, I have found that my work, personal, prepper and Church contacts rarely cross over to the other and none full cross between all three types of relationships.

It’s all exhausting!

So all this to ask, what are you doing and how are you planning for the future? Let us know below.

Until we meet again, keep your booger hook off the bang switch until on target and ready to fire.