SWAT-T Tourniquet

This is a reprint of an article I wrote for www.TheGunShowRadio.com, slightly edited for this reader group.

We all know that bad things can happen, fast! There could be a shooting during a home invasion or a car wreck or little Boy Blue could fall out of a tree, or any of a number of different injuries that occur to you or in front of you. Regardless a proper first aid kit is needed. This article and any follow-up are not intended to replace training. There are many classes and ways to learn about first aid and especially first aid for puncture wounds (gun shots, knife stabs, and sticks going through a person). Some classes cost, some are free, it is my suggestion that you take every class you can as often as you can. After reading my articles on CERT and Citizens Corps, you probably noticed that I mentioned ways and places to learn first aid in them. Continue reading SWAT-T Tourniquet

Building a Pink AR, the adventure

Back in October 2012, I decided to build a pink AR for my beautiful bride. Not because pink is a girls color but because she has worked in the breast care arena for many years. My goal was to build it by Christmas, and I wanted to make it as light as possible. Unfortunately parts were hard to find. I had the lower and an EOTech 512 along with a “lower parts kit”, several magazines, that was about it.

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Pope Hope? Nope!

Today we are blessed with another guest article by the never controversial Dan McNeil who owns the Cartridge World on South Campbell in Springfield Missouri

Because of all the brouhaha surrounding the visit by Pope Francis, there are a lot of new pope books out there.  Here’s an older one you might have heard of.

The title is inflammatory and unfair, but the book does present a fairly accurate picture of 1930s Europe and the terrible quandary Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church found themselves in. Continue reading Pope Hope? Nope!