Shelf Stable Milk review

The short report, shelf stable milk, just one year over suggested use by date, was still good for me.

The longer story.
If you put food away for a rainy or TEOFWAWKI day, you need to be sure that you rotate it out. That means you need to eat and drink it. Any reputable site will tell you to be sure you can stand the taste of the food or drink way before an event occurs. You must also be able to digest it. MRE’s are notorious for plugging your up (constipation). You really shouldn’t plan on eating them exclusively for a week or two, unless you have stored fiber and take it daily. Continue reading Shelf Stable Milk review

Pistol Add-ons Part 3 Handgun fit, getting a grip.

In Part 2 of this series we talked about some upgrades that should be considered. In this article we will talk about handgun fit, which probably should have been part of your purchase decision, I apologize.

Your pistol needs to fit your hand correctly. If it is too small or too large you will not have a proper grip and will have trouble aligning to the target.

I recommend you contact a training academy near you and set a time to visit an experienced instructor and ask for help getting a proper grip on your handgun. They should be willing to guide you in this well before you take a class. This way you can get the most out of the training when you go. Every one of the instructors I know personally will do this for free. I do not recommend the local gun / pawn shop or big box retailer for this information. There are too many incorrect theories out there. Continue reading Pistol Add-ons Part 3 Handgun fit, getting a grip.