County and City governments that do not use CERTs should be ashamed

Lately I have run into two cities and one county that is crying “we need more tax money for first responders!” Yet they violently (yup I said violently) oppose CERTs and threaten to have them arrested if they show up on site. As for the show up on site issue, I have said it before, CERTs and other volunteers should not self deploy. With that said, such an angry attitude against free help shows me the requestors (Mayors, Councilmen, Administrators et al) only want power, not to help the citizens of their communities. Continue reading County and City governments that do not use CERTs should be ashamed

Holster review – DeSantis 1911 SoB holster

Years ago, about 2000, I was swayed away from carrying my Glock and to carrying my 1911 again. I really don’t remember why. Since Missouri did not have a CCW permit at that time, and I had not carried this particular 1911 in Texas, I did not have a good carry holster for the 1911 style firearms. With that in mind I purchased the holster in this review.  It is a made in the USA, black holster for a full size 1911s, from DeSantis, model 067 Small of Back holster. Continue reading Holster review – DeSantis 1911 SoB holster

Fobus G2 paddle holster

In 1998 or 99 when I purchased my first Glock pistol, I wanted / needed a holster. The Fobus was a brand I had seen marketed a lot and the fact that Israel used and made them was a key decision point in my purchase. With an un-tucked shirt, this holster kept my Glocks well concealed.

This review is on a Fobus Glock holster, it is lightweight (2oz.), low profile and right handed. It uses passive retention, that is no “locking system” and has steel rivets and comes with a lifetime warranty. Currently retailing from Fobus for $31.99

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Prepping tip by Ed Hultgren friend and guest writer

Shelter- We need shelter…period. Even though we all know that guy with the hairy back, We humans cannot maintain our delicate body heat without some kind of covering, beyond back hair.

We need to stay within a small margin of degrees to function. Normal is around 98.6 right? Some are a little cooler some a little warmer but it’s still a narrow margin. If our temp rises or falls more than 4 or 5 degrees, we’re in trouble.

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