Body Armor from an Executive protection and church security viewpoint

Back when the world was expecting a collapse during the transition from 1999 to 2000, an employee of mine did some major preps. One thing he got was a bullet proof vest. Up until then I really did not concern myself with them. My local prep was cover (something that can at least temporarily stop incoming fire).

Fast forward about a decade and I had looked at various bullet proof vests yet still had not bought one. The cost compared to the change of using them left me without any desire to spend the money. About that time, I became the leader of a church security team and also started working on a security detail. Continue reading Body Armor from an Executive protection and church security viewpoint

Shelf Stable Milk review

The short report, shelf stable milk, just one year over suggested use by date, was still good for me.

The longer story.
If you put food away for a rainy or TEOFWAWKI day, you need to be sure that you rotate it out. That means you need to eat and drink it. Any reputable site will tell you to be sure you can stand the taste of the food or drink way before an event occurs. You must also be able to digest it. MRE’s are notorious for plugging your up (constipation). You really shouldn’t plan on eating them exclusively for a week or two, unless you have stored fiber and take it daily. Continue reading Shelf Stable Milk review

Pistol Add-ons Part 3 Handgun fit, getting a grip.

In Part 2 of this series we talked about some upgrades that should be considered. In this article we will talk about handgun fit, which probably should have been part of your purchase decision, I apologize.

Your pistol needs to fit your hand correctly. If it is too small or too large you will not have a proper grip and will have trouble aligning to the target.

I recommend you contact a training academy near you and set a time to visit an experienced instructor and ask for help getting a proper grip on your handgun. They should be willing to guide you in this well before you take a class. This way you can get the most out of the training when you go. Every one of the instructors I know personally will do this for free. I do not recommend the local gun / pawn shop or big box retailer for this information. There are too many incorrect theories out there. Continue reading Pistol Add-ons Part 3 Handgun fit, getting a grip.

CBC Industries 6.5 Grendel Review

In Nov 2017 I ordered a CBC Industries “Tactical CY6 / 6.5 Grendel” and had it delivered to my local gun shop. This is an 18″ barreled rifle. The receipt and paperwork don’t tell me the barrel’s twist rate.

I chose this cartridge / caliber for two reasons. First was to test it as a pig cartridge for night hunting and second was a couple of us were trying to determine the “best” AR platform caliber for Missouri. In Missouri we have plains up north, pine forest in the south east and foothills in the south west. Hunting Mule Deer up north requires a bit more than a 5.56 and the wild hogs sometimes don’t respect that either. We had floated several calibers and the debate, after studying ballistics, factoring in recoil and then barrel length came down to pretty much the 6.8 SPC II and the 6.5 Grendel. Continue reading CBC Industries 6.5 Grendel Review

Torn between two worlds or at least two futures

I could go through life without thinking. No, not really, my mind runs 100 MPH. I have the curse of always thinking but rarely about one topic for very long.

Is the country about to go socialist? Collapsing economy? Will things “work out” and my time spent preparing for trouble be wasted time I should have spent learning new skills for my business? Continue reading Torn between two worlds or at least two futures

Military Emergency Management Specialist training, it’s for you.

It’s hurricane season, and other natural disasters are still occurring. If you want to be better prepared and be an asset to your local community, there is training you can take.

Let me introduce you to the Military Emergency Management Specialist (MEMS) program which is open to civilians as well as the military. Continue reading Military Emergency Management Specialist training, it’s for you.

Pistol upgrade suggestions, Part 2

This is a continuation from Pistol Upgrade Suggestions Part 1. In this article we will go over handheld and weapon mounted lights.

In review, before you spend money on upgrades, I know you were wise and took training, purchased a range bag with the needed shooting and medical accessories, bought plenty of spare magazines and have shot hundreds of rounds in practice with what you learned in training. You are now very familiar with your pistol and comfortable with it.

Various types of flashlights

Continue reading Pistol upgrade suggestions, Part 2

Pistol Upgrade suggestions part 1

So, you bought a new handgun and have the range bag and accessories you need. Now you are considering upgrading your pistol. Good for you.

For this article and purposes, we are talking about defensive handguns that will be used at home or in the gas station parking lot. I am not talking about a hunting handgun or a “duty” pistol like law enforcement carries. I am referring to what you bought either to conceal carry or put in a night stand where you can get to it to protect yourself and others. Continue reading Pistol Upgrade suggestions part 1

You bought your first pistol, now what?

With the gun buying frenzy of 2020 and 2021 cooling off, many first-time gun owners and those who are not “gun” people have to be asking themselves, “what now?”

In this blog, I want to address what else you need after your handgun purchase. If you have not bought a pistol yet, hold back! I am working on getting an article out on how the buy the best pistol for you and your needs. Continue reading You bought your first pistol, now what?

Firearm Magazine Issues and Diagnostics

Magazines seem to be the #1 failure of a firearm.

Normally they cause a failure to feed the next round (not enough spring pressure to put the next round up before the slide closes, or the follower sticking), a stove pipe or a double-feed (new round tipping up and catching on the empty just fired brass, pushing it back into the chamber). There can be other reasons for these issues and this is not necessarily everything a bad magazine can cause.

How to diagnose: First you need to be sure it is a specific magazine and not another factor (dirty weapon, bad ammo, limp wristing et al). Continue reading Firearm Magazine Issues and Diagnostics

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