A 40 day calling to Pastors and churches

Lately I have written and posted articles challenging our elected officials, law enforcement and judges to, for a certain timeframe, do what is right.

Now it is time to challenge those that claim the most authoritative power, churches.

I should have had this out 35 days ago, with elections occurring now. Yup, I expect Churches to talk about politics.

Yes, God did ordain the church and politics as one
Yes, God did ordain the church and politics as one

I have attended church for the bulk of my life, I am the descendant of many pastors, my father is a deacon and active volunteer and my mother is extremely involved in helping. I myself am on our churches Leadership Team, I lead the Safety, Security and Medical Teams and actively attend any men’s events at my church home, so yes, I can claim enough authority to make a challenge to pastors, staff, deacons and “lay leadership” of the Christian faith.

Since some numbers represent things we consider holy or sacred, I believe the number 40 is appropriate here.

"Why yes, I do remember something happening over 40 days" - Noah
“Why yes, I do remember something happening over 40 days” – Noah

For 40 days, every time there is a sermon (Sunday morning, evening, Wednesday, Saturday …) preach, not teach on God’s requirement of Civic Duty, Patriotism (yes the Bible does talk about this) and the election of Godly leaders.

Preach about how the Government (Federal, State and Local) are not there to take care of the flock, instead it is there to be a “representative” of the people. Preach on voting, calling and writing your various representatives, in a Christ like manner, about the real issues. NOT free food, iPhones or housing but about freeing the people from the burden of useless and more importantly Godless rules.

Preach on how only Godly people should be voted for. How there is and can be no separation of “church and state”. That the lie of that separation has been taught out of ignorance or a direct attempt to repress God’s people.

Preach how husbands, fathers and men are worse than infidels if they don’t take care of their family physically, financially and spiritually. That means men need to grow a pair, or take them back from their wives. Men can no longer be mangina’s. They must protect their family from outside physical evils. They must work one, two and maybe three jobs and most importantly lead their family spiritually. You the leadership of the Church must do the same.
Preach on personal responsibility, not only of the men, but of the wives, sons, daughters, grandparents and singles. Responsibility to family, to their Church family and to God’s worldwide church family.


Condemn living on “emotions” and preach the Rock of Salvation.
Have your music staff sing “onward Christian Soldiers”, “I’m in the LORDS army”. Enough of letting the fluff run rampant in the church!

If you are so afraid of losing your 501c3 or other tax exempt status that you don’t have the nerve to preach these things then I say to you, openly and boldly, “You don’t worship God, you worship the IRS!”  and “You ARE part of the problem with America, Christianity and the failure of the Church in society.” yes you can quote me on that. If you don’t preach the truth it is because you are not a believer but a promotor of tickling the ears, either of the members or the government, neither of which you are supposed to bow down to.
Stand up for Jesus, the Bible and the Church, end of discussion.