365 day challenge to Law Enforcement

City, County, Constables, State, and Federal alphabet soup (FBI, DHS, BLM and the such – don’t’ exclude yourself, include yourself). I have challenged our legislatures and our judges to set the American people free, today I challenge you to do the same. For the next 12 months, do not harass any citizens Yes I dared to say it.

The vast majority of you have “to protect and serve” on the sides of your vehicles, that is all I am asking you to do.

I have trained with you, I have seen what you have been told and basically it is to be a bully. You go into schools and preach anti-bulling campaigns, however on the street you are being a bully yourself.

You think of yourself as sheepdogs yet many of you enjoy biting the sheep. Don’t complain or get in a tizzy when a sheep kicks you in the teeth.

I feel this (calling your employers sheep) is a way of demeaning citizens and giving yourself permission to do things you would never consider doing to an “equal”.

This demeaning and making ‘un human’ is exactly where all atrocities start. Rwanda, the Nazi campaigns, throughout Asia, by making it an ‘us vs them’ and ‘they’ are somehow not human, it becomes easier to violate, mutilate, take advantage of and kill other humans.

Before too many of you get into a tizzy, I know not all law enforcement officers are jerks, hear me out. I need you, all of you to …

Stop ALL no-knock warrants. Yes, someone (normally not from your agency but from one or two steps higher up) has gotten you all in a hyped up fit to kick some butt. No! NO! NO! Don’t harass the citizens because you “can”, don’t harass the individual because you didn’t get any action from your significant other this last week. Don’t exceed your authority because you think you have the “power”.

Stop writing tickets for the “income” of your city, county, state et al. Thank you to the Missouri legislature for writing a law to help fight this.

Don’t harass the citizen because you have the power, had a bad day, cause your wife is a … because someone made you mad and you are going to “show them”.

Each one of you let the innocent go, 40 times this year. I am not talking about the meth dealers, crack heads, known criminals. I am specifically speaking of the moms and dads and youth that you could let off with a warning.

Refuse to work a “DUI” checkpoint. You and I both know that these checkpoints are 100% illegal according to the U.S. Constitution. I don’t give a hot dog if some other group or judges say it is alright, it is not. I know it has been a way for the federals to “give” you overtime, that does not justify breaking the law. I don’t care if you caught two drunk drivers and arrested three for outstanding (parking) warrants. Stopping anyone without cause is illegal.

I am daring you to leave “those” people alone. You know who they are, your personal favorite to pick on, the ones your Captain or some State of Federal agency told you to “go get ‘em”. It does not matter what you think about “those” people, what matters is doing what is right.

During WW II it was the Americans of Japanese or German decent, before WW II “those” people, were the Irish, in the 50’s and 60’s “those” people were the black Americans. We now look back and say that was wrong for us, foolish even for us to do that.

Today you are after the “militia”, “sovereign citizens” and people who want to video tape you. Read the U.S. Constitution! They are all allowed to be here.

If you are a protector of the people, they deserve to be protected regardless of what you or some authority above you thinks. If you are such a righteous law enforcement officer then you should be proud of the people who are videoing you! After all, you do it and have done it to “them” for 20 years.

Ignore those “above” you who are trying to get your panties in a wad about a group of people. Those whether Federal “standards” or actual people who are stirring you up against the citizens are wrong, don’t heed their words of division.

I don’t know if you can “brag” here, but if so, this is an open forum for that. If you are going to make some lame excuses here, don’t bother. Individuals, if you do know you were allowed to walk away or had a knock and polite warrant, report it here.

BTW, individual, if you were an idiot and have warrants and DWI tickets et al, admit it, apologize to the officers who had to come to your home to pick you up. Don’t be a knob head and resist or get a jerk, tell the truth, don’t lie.

If you are harassed for a non-crime or thinking different from the governments “status quo” (being a Christian, being a member of the non-organized militia, having three chickens) be polite to law enforcement but be firm, that is what Rosa Parks did. Post your problem here, you must be honest, truthful and respectful.

Until we meet again, keep your booker hooker off the bang switch and memorize the 4 universal safety rules, after all, they are UNIVERSAL!

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  1. As a Retired Law Enforcement Officer, I applaud this Challenge and will do my part to pass it on via Twitter, FB and every Social Media outlet I can think of! Well Done!

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