Fobus G2 paddle holster

In 1998 or 99 when I purchased my first Glock pistol, I wanted / needed a holster. The Fobus was a brand I had seen marketed a lot and the fact that Israel used and made them was a key decision point in my purchase. With an un-tucked shirt, this holster kept my Glocks well concealed.

This review is on a Fobus Glock holster, it is lightweight (2oz.), low profile and right handed. It uses passive retention, that is no “locking system” and has steel rivets and comes with a lifetime warranty. Currently retailing from Fobus for $31.99

It is supposedly used by Israel Defense forces, though I cannot confirm this.

Recently I could not remember why I quit using it, so I put it on my hip once again. Now I remember the issues. I honestly did not wear it too long.

Some of the features it has are “tabs” that “lock” under / in your pants (under the belt line) for secure grip when drawing the firearm. It also has roughage on the lower part of the paddle, once again, to hold on to your pants for security. This should keep the holster from shifting up, down, left and right, and it does so.

The different pieces are plastic and held together with rivets. Unlike my review of the KTP-32 holster, this one did not spread or separate over the couple of years of use. The rivets are located in all the right areas. There is no other restraining mechanism than the pressure on the gun by the holster, including the dimpled area around the trigger.

Being plastic it rubs through my underwear, irritating my skin. Also being plastic and now with fluctuating temperatures (hot and cold), it became an irritant on my skin.

By causing rubbing and irritation, it most likely won’t be worn for long. I figure it will end up in the average drawer of holsters rather quickly.

The holster did hold my Glock 26 and 19 quite securely, as a matter of fact too securely. If you look at the images, you can see how high my pants have been pulled up and the holster still had not let go of the weapon. This is beyond a serious issue, if I had to draw my Glock I would be out of luck. Notice where my belt buckle is compared to where the holster is. I also included an picture with my belly button so you could easily see how high I was needing to lift, and yes the belt was tight, as I normally would wear it.


So, though this holster is older than the KTP-32 it still retains the Glocks firmly, allowing the wearer to move and run freely without concern for losing their firearm, however because it is so hard to draw the handgun, I cannot recommend this holster. I did put it up for sale at a gun show with other stuff. A dealer bought it, knowing the issues I had.

I hope this and every article helps you make wise decisions.

Until we meet again, keep your booger hooker off the trigger.