Fobus ankle holster review

As I have expressed in other computer and firearms related reviews, it bugs the heck out of me when the reviewers don’t tell you how long they have tried a product, or worse, they have had it a week or in many cases one or two days and then they tell you to “buy it”, “it is great”.

With technology, of course, the change is so quick that you cannot use a product for 3 or 4 months, truly wring it out and report back because it has been replaced, at least most of the time. See my review of the Viewsonic tablet for an example.

Today I want to report on an ankle holster that I have used off and on for 4 years. More off than on for the last 2 years. The Fobus KTP-32, an ankle holster that holds the Keltec 32, my BUG (Back Up Gun).

I won’t go into the reasons for a BUG, however I do believe in them, with that said, here is my review.

The holster is made of kydex and the ankle wrap around is a nice padded material. It is not rough to the skin and though can absorb sweat, mine does not stink like a sweat infused holster can. The only spot that has worn thin is the bottom most part of the wrap where it constantly touched my shoe or boot. It holds itself in place via Velcro that wraps through a plastic ring that is sewn into one side of the holster.

Back Front Side

I am in my mid-forties and still slender in the legs, this means that the holster constantly slides down to where it rides on the top of my shoes or boots, never staying in place, no matter how tight I make the Velcro. This resulted in the holster flopping around my ankle if I set it to fit on my calf (after it slides down). If I tighten it on my ankle, I walk funny because I cannot properly bend my ankle. This is a major negative and overrides any of the quality I mentioned above.

The holster part itself is riveted in four spots (I hope the photo shows them for you). Two are in front of the barrel by the trigger guard, just an inch from each other, the other two are on the top of the gun, spread apart. It is a molded holster, so it fits the dimensions of the gun very well, with the (what I consider) proper fit around the trigger guard that holds the weapon firmly and safely.

The problem that arose is that the trigger guard has no rivets and is held tight by the lower rivets. After a couple of months the trigger guard began to spread, holding the gun less firmly. After 2 years I could not jog with the holster on because the firearm would fall out, embarrassing to say the least. At least the Keltec trigger pull is 6 miles long so there was no reason to feel the little gun would go off.

My conclusion is that the cloth material is quality made, the holster is well fitted to the gun. However, the fact that the entire rig falls to my ankle with every use making it uncomfortable, and now the holster does not retain the pistol, if I need to jog or run in an emergency, shows me that I cannot recommend that you buy the Fobus KTP-32 for your use.

Supplemental – I am not a crafty or necessarily a “new idea” guy. I can improve on existing ideas and items. With that said, there is bound to be a place for this ankle holster off my ankle. As a concealed rig around the house or in a vehicle. Pondering over this for a few days I still have not come up with a place or idea, do you have one? Feel free to post an example and share the wealth.

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