“Red-Flag,” revisited!

Today we have another great article by John Farnam, President of Defense Training International.

As Democrat-dominated state legislatures are seated in early 2019, they will waist little time in promoting “Red-Flag” laws as part of their corrupt, “common-sense,” anti-freedom agenda.

I’ve editorialized about such unconstitutional legislation in the past, but let’s visit the issue one more time:

People in this country, with multiple drunk-driving convictions, even when they cause accidents and injury on a serial basis, are still allowed to drive, and they do!

There is no specifically-enumerated “Constitutional Right” to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. Yet, the supposed “rights” of drunk drivers are jealously protected by the same sleazy, liberal politicians who promote “Red-Flag” laws!

There IS a specifically-enumerated Constitutional Right to “Keep and Bear Arms.” Our right to privately own, keep, and carry guns is not a “privilege!”

We also enjoy the specifically-enumerated Constitutional Right that we cannot be deprived of life, liberty, nor property, absent “due process of law.” We’re guaranteed our “day in court,” BEFORE our government does bad things to us.

BEFORE our government does bad things to us, we have to be at least charged with a crime!

Yet, under “Red-Flag” laws, you can have your legally-owned property precipitously confiscated and never returned.

You can have your Constitutional Rights arbitrarily withdrawn and never reinstated. You can even be thrown in prison. All this, absent any species of “due process!”

All it takes is for someone, someone you don’t even know and have never met, to make an secret, unsworn, non-expert, speculative statement before a judge indicating that they think you’re “unstable,” or “crazy.”

No additional evidence is required!

You never even get to know whom they are, much less challenge their credibility.

When they’re wrong, accusers suffer no penalty, so there is no personal risk to them!

You are never informed, nor are you ever examined by any medical person with the academic credentials to make authoritative judgments with regard to your mental health. You are never charged with any crime, nor told what is going on.

Police then come to your home without warning and seize all your guns. When you fail to get out of they way, you’re arrested and jailed.

You never get to know where they take your property, nor what care (if any) it receives while in “police custody.”

As noted, you are never charged with any crime, much less convicted.

Chances you’ll ever see your guns again are slim. In any event, the laughable “appeal process” will bankrupt you and take months, probably years.

All that time, you’ll be utterly defenseless. All that time, you won’t be able to buy, nor even touch, any gun!

As noted, all the foregoing happens without any charges against you ever being filed, without you ever appearing before any judge in any court of law, without you ever being afforded the opportunity to defend yourself and your reputation, without you ever being afforded to opportunity to cross-examine witnesses against you (who are under oath and pain of perjury), without you even so much as seeing the inside of a courtroom!

So, while drunk drivers are happily driving around town, even after multiple DWI convictions in a court of law, you find yourself completely disarmed and disenfranchised, having never suffered a single one!

Our Constitution, through our judiciary, is supposed to protect us from this kind of blatant tyranny, but liberals have no morals, just agendas!

During the last Century, the USSR’s leadership took sinister delight in intimidating the regime’s doctors into cooking-up phoney psychiatric diagnoses, such as “sluggish schizophrenia,” and others, in their successful effort to flag “dissidents” (AKA: political opponents) for long-term confinement in “mental institutions” (AKA: gulags). Most were never heard from, nor seen, again.

Likewise, today’s “Red Flag” enthusiasts are doing their best to paint all American gun-owners (all of us are assumed to be “dissidents”) with a broad brush as “crazed”, “dangerous,” and “unstable.” We know where they got the idea!

“Left-wing zealots have often been prepared to ride roughshod over due process and basic considerations of fairness when they think they can get away with it. For them, the ends always seems to justify the means. That is precisely how their predecessors came to create the gulag!” – Margaret Thatcher