2017 Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

This year, I got started posting costume ideas late, I apologize.

Here are this years ideas:
We all love “Leftover’s”, simply wrap yourself all over with foil. Stick a label on yourself that says “leftover dinner.” For added effect put a clear bag around yourself and label it “Ziploc.”

You have all seen the plywood cutouts where you put your face in them to be an action hero or mouse. Today you can be “Ahead of Time”. Simply draw a big clock on cardboard and cut a hole for your face. Staple a rubberband to the cardboard to hold it on your head. Now you are “A Head of Time.”

To be the classic “Pot Head”, find a cooking pot from the kitchen that will fit nicely on your head.

Always a classic, unless you are the boss.


If you are “Past Your Prime”, put a sign on your shirt that says “Sell by July 31 2001” (or any date that has already passed).

This may push it for some offices, however there is always ‘that guy’ who wants to stand out. Be a “Spice Rack” by wearing an extra-large bra over your clothes. Stuff it with jars of spices.

Don’t be the office “Butt Head”! For fun you can glue cigarette butts to a baseball cap.

No, not this guy.

To go with the classic ‘head in the cloud’ from yesteryear, you could simply be a “Cloud” by attaching cotton balls all over yourself.

Oh so fluffy

Don’t have enough cotton balls to be a cloud? Then be a “Rabbit” by attaching a cottonball to your backside.

If you are constantly late to work or meetings you are “Behind the Times”, admit it by attaching several fake (or real) clocks to your behind.

Not ready to show off your hind quarters? Too ‘professional’ for that? Then you can “Behind the Times” part 2. Get the Newspaper “The Times”, open it in front of your face, you are now ‘behind the times’.

For something that will startle and confuse office mates, be a “Paper Shredder”, simply carry around several pieces of paper. When someone asks what you are, tear the paper into pieces.

The Security personal or IT gut that harps on security could easily pull off being “Black Mail”. Just wear all black, and attach a postage stamp to your chest.

Some of you are hoping for booze at the party, maybe that is like your chances with that lovely lady in HR, it’s “A Shot in the Dark”. So wear all black, and hang a shot glass around your neck.

For those that have high self esteem or totally forgot about the part, grab a picture off the wall and take it out of the frame to be a “Self Portrait” by putting the picture frame around your neck, even better and sign your shirt.


Until we meet again, keep your booger hooker off the bang switch until on target and ready to fire.