Why buy a inexpensive AR? Because NOW is the time!

This is relevant now, December 2016, so get on it!

The election of Donald Trump as the next American president has been a blessing to gun enthusiast across the nation. It also has been a blessing if you were “gun curious”.

With the predictions of Killery Clinton becoming the next United States President, manufacturers of firearms, firearm accessories and ammunition ramped up production. Distributors and stores stocked up, anticipating two things if she was elected. First a mad rush to buy more guns and gun stuff. Second the chance to make some bucks to put away for the long term devastation Killery would cause. Capitalism at its finest. Part of capitalism is taking a risk. There was always a chance that Mr. Trump would win the election and then they (distributors, manufacturers and stores) would have lots of inventory they would need to sell at little to no profit in order to get their cash back.

Yeah, we have it in stock

With the election of Mr. Trump businesses and warehouses are stocked full of firearms and gear prices of firearms, ammunition and accessory have plummeted. These places want it gone, out of inventory and the cash back in their business.

So what does this mean to you?

I believe you have two wise choices. If you already have a complement of AR type rifles, buy the inexpensive ones and treat them as you would stock certificates. An investment in the future for when things go against gun rights so to speak. A $500 rifle now was $900 to $1,000 after the Sandy Hook shooting; it will easily be back there if Killery or an equivalent dictator gets elected in the United States later. So stock up your safe.

For those getting a first or second firearm, now is the time. If you are thinking of getting an AR type rifle start with an inexpensive one and then add-on what you want as you can get it. AR rifles are like nothing before, anyone can customize, swap parts, add, and create what they want with their own hands.

When you can afford it, you can dress it up.

For the new firearms owner, here is my suggestion.

1. Buy an AR-15 rifle in 5.56 or .223; do not pay more than $500. I have seen them for $447 with $5 shipping from Sportsmansguide.com (December 2016), Trop gun shop and Defender Outdoors had them for $460 and almost all on-line businesses had them for under $499 (Impact Guns).

At this moment, Sportsman’s guide has a 2 for 1, get one lower and a 223 and 300 blackout upper for only $664.99

The also have an Anderson complete rifle for #427.49! Stop complaining and GET ONE or 2 or 3!

a. If you get from an online store (I DON’T recommend auction sites), there will be freight which I have only been paying $5 per rifle.

b. The rifle will have to be shipped to a FFL (aka Gun shop) near you, you will need to pick it up from them, they will run the required background check, forms et al. They usually charge a fee to do this. In my area they claim to charge $20 per gun yet only actually charge me $10. Who knows, maybe my bright and charming personality?

Kim Jong

2. Check if the AR came with sights. Most above either did not have any sights or only had the A2 front sight.

a. Buy needed sights, I HIGHLY recommend the Magpul BUS (Backup up Sights) they too have been selling for ½ of their normal price. Sets have been on Brownells.com for $60 and less. Don’t panic, you will get something else later.

3. Check if your rifle came with a magazine. About 50% of those I found for sub $500 had one magazine, the others had none.

a. Regardless, EVERY weapon should have 12 magazines. Some to use now, some for training and some for replacement. A magazine is a disposable part, they will last years.

b. I recommend only two brands. Magpul Gen 2 and Brownells. HOWEVER there are many good brands out there. DON’T get Thermold.

c. DO NOT pay more than $10 for a 30 round magazine. Brownells had 10 Magpul Gen 2 on sale for $85 with free delivery. I have seen C Products brand for $7 each.

4. Get ammo. Buy 1,000 of 223 in 55 grains. This should cost you no more than 31 cents a round for brass case reloadable ammo. For now DON’T buy steel case. I own a bunch; it does work in guns, at this time though the price is right for brass case ammo.

a. Sportsmansguide.com had 1,000 of wolf brand for $303 delivered!

b. Local Gun Shops this Thanksgiving and Christmas had them for $6 a box of 20 around my area.

5. Get a Frog Lube 5 piece kit from Brownells, Amazon.com or any place online or in person you shop. They have been on sale for $25. Frog Lube is not oil based so it will not damage scopes, ammo, or your coffee table. It smells of mint so the others in your household won’t complain when you clean your firearm and it is edible. If a child gets ahold of it and squeezes the entire tube in their mouth, literally no big deal. This is a GREAT product.

You are now “all set”.

Your total cost should be something like this. Rifle $500, sights $35, Dozen magazines $120, 1,000 of practice ammo $300, Frog Lube $30 total $965. This is less than “just an AR” was selling for in 2013, you are welcome! Your thanks may be placed on the comments section below.

So what’s next?

Now take the rifle and Frog Lube it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esNESN8Fek0)

Put on any needed sites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k-IWLvVpbM

Grab 3 magazines (or the one that came with the rifle if the others have not arrived), 100 rounds of ammo, not all ammo. Head to the range and, at 25 or 50 yards, no further, cycle all 100 rounds of ammo through the weapon, sighting in for either yardage above. This allows you to function test the weapon and get the “gotta shoot its” out of your system. Felt good didn’t it?

Clean your rifle with your Frog Lube.

Get on the internet, find a 1 or 2 day training facility near you that has classes for the AR-15, and schedule it on your calendar and budget up for it.

After the training class you will want to add stuff, swap off things on the rifle. Don’t do it before the class, trust me. It is better to go with a basic weapon, take notes, and see the crap others put on their guns and hear and ask what you should get.

I will later write an article on some of the accessories I put on and why.

Until we meet again, keep your booger hooker off the bang switch until on target and ready to fire.