Last Minute Halloween Costume ideas

Did your forget it was Halloween? Perhaps you were not expecting a last minute invite to a party. Here are some “office safe” Halloween costume ideas you can throw on quickly.

First Here is a link to some ideas from 2014 –

Here are some more from 2014 –

Here is my list from 2015 –

Drum roll, here are my list of 2016 last minute Halloween costume ideas:

“Chest of Drawers” – Pin underwear to your shirt. Works best with a formal looking business suit.

“Birthday Suit” – Wear a suit and a birthday hat. Carry a horn or kazoo and sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself!

“Jackson Pollack Painting” – Splatter drips of paint on your clothes and hang a picture frame around your neck (or just hold it up in front of you).

“Bellybutton Lint” – Take any pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt that are white on the inside. Wear the sweatpants and sweatshirt inside out. Pin a sign on yourself that says “Bellybutton Lint.” For extra points, wear a black knit stocking hat with cotton balls glued to it.

“Freudian Slip” – Wear a slip, preferably black, with a sign around your neck that says “Freud.”


“Headquarters” – Hotglue some quarters to hairclips, and place in your hair.

The Movie “Signs” – Use foil wrap to make a pointy, Hershey Kiss-shaped hat to keep the aliens from reading your mind.

“Refrigerator Magnet” – Paint a shoe box black and attach it to your back.

Devil’s Advocate Wear buttons and carry signs that say “Devil is #1” and “Vote for Satan,” etc.


“Lawsuit” – Wear a nice suit and carry a briefcase. Attach legal documents all over yourself.

“Head of Lettuce” – Attach real or fake lettuce leaves to a stocking hat.

No, this is not Trump’s hair!

“Someone You Can Count On” – Wear all black clothes. Cut out big, bright numbers and attach them to your clothes.

“Past Your Prime” – Put a sign on your shirt that says “Sell by July 31 01” (or any date that has already passed).

Well, that is enough for now. Until we meet again, keep your trigger finger off the Bang Switch until on target and ready to fire.