Cheap, fast and easy Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015

In October 2014, I posted several dozen choices of cheap, quick and fun Halloween costume ideas. For the first several days of this month I put some more out on social media, however work got in the way of play.

Here are several ideas you can throw together for tonight.

E-mail: Dress as a man (if you are not one already!) Tape an “E” on chest. “E”-male.

Web Site: Drape fake spider webs all over your glasses.

Web pages: Glue pages from a book onto a black sweatshirt and sweatpants. Add spider webbing to your hair. Voila! Instant internet!

Web Server: Dress like a waitress/waiter, carry around a tray with food that has fake spider webs draped over it.

Conspiracy Theorist: Wear a tin foil hat, jeans, and a slightly grubby shirt. If male, don’t shave. Carry several pieces of paper clutched in your hand, with government websites, how JFK died, etc. Bring a few computer disks and a “debugging” device. Wear makeup to appear very tired, and constantly look over your shoulder.

Multiple Personality: Put “Hello my name is…” tags with random names all over your body.

My friend, Joyce Lacher told me about “Identity Thief”: Put “Hello my name is…” tags or Name Tags from events, with random names all over your body.

Frankie and Annette: Wear a Frankenstein mask and carry a net (aquarium, butterfly or whatever). Or even simpler wear a nametag that says “Frankie” and carry the net.

Bruise: Wear anything black and blue.

First Class Male: Buy some stamps and paste them on your face or glue some onto an old shirt.

Mucho DeNiro: Photocopy several pictures of Robert DeNiro and attach all over your body.

Starbucks: Make some yellow stars out of paper or cardboard and pin them all over your clothes. Then take several dollar bills and pin them on also. Optional: carry a coffee mug.

Fortune Teller: Attach a bunch of fortune cookies to your clothes. Wear a scarf or towel wrapped around your head.

MasterCard Ad: Wear whatever clothing you choose. Attach a sign to your back that says “Shirt: $30…Jeans: $50…Shoes: $70……Halloween costume that took minimal effort: Priceless.

Hose: Bag Climb into a green/black garbage bag and wrap a garden hose around yourself.

Muffin Man: Attach a muffin to your hat.

Well, that is enough for this year, have a safe Halloween and remember, ammunition is better than candy!

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  1. Not only is this costume clever, but it’s also great for anyone who doesn’t have time for a quick change between work and a Halloween

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