Galco IWB mag holder review

In sticking with my insistence on only reviewing products I have used, this is a product I have had for about 8 years.

The Galco UDCMC24 Horsehide IWB (Inside the Waist Band) single magazine pouch. The UDCMC stands for Ultra Deep Cover Magazine Carrier.

Galco products are made in Phoenix, AZ. They are known for quality products that last and last. I believe it was the 80’s show Miami Vice that brought Galco into the main stream with the “jackass” shoulder rig.

This magazine pouch is designed for a Glock magazine. When I first purchased it all those years ago I was (and still am) wearing a Crossbreed IWB holster as my primary holster.

With that said, I have been a longtime fan of carrying multiple extra magazines. The FBI statistics show “average” shots fired, by citizens, in shootings was 2.5 in the 90’s and 3.5 shots fired in 2010. My guess for the increase in rounds fired is there were more wheel guns / revolvers back then. Here is my take, I am not average, never have been never will be. I don’t want to get caught up in a “oh crud, I’m out of ammo, I wonder if the bad people will let me go get some more” situation.

If you watch even the commie network news channels, you will see more and more gang mentality and group violence. where dozens to hundreds of “youth” are ransacking gas stations, Taco Bell, malls, movie theaters, Walmart’s et al. If you get caught up in this, you need an escape plan and maybe lots of ammo.

Now carrying an extra magazine (or 2 or 3 or more) is good, but you have to be able to access them and do it quickly. That is why I do not carry extra magazines loose in my pocket. Not only is there lint and stuff that can get in the magazine, but I have to worry about getting the keys and items out of the way and then figure what “position” the magazine is in when I get it out. This will dramatically slow down a reload.

Using an OWB (Outside the Waist Band) magazine pouch does not let me tuck in my shirt, yet provides faster access and drawing of the magazine out of the pouch. I own an IT company and wear button-up, tuckable shirts so I prefer IWB products. I prefer the professional look as opposed to the shirt hanging out look and require my staff to have ironed tucked in shirts. I presumed this pouch would allow me tuck in my shirt (hence IWB and tuckable). There is just not a lot of tuck room. As a result, I have worn this pouch off and on for several years, for the last four, it has been primarily worn on Sunday with my dress clothes.

When I purchased the UDCMC my goal was readily available magazine, at my waist and preferably tucked in. When I first saw this magazine pouch my greatest concern was the plastic belt loop “J” hook. It was not only plastic but only had two plastic “rivets” connecting it to the horsehide. Would it hold up? Well it has. Obviously Galco made a quality product in that respect. Another observation, whose answer was not obvious to me at the time, but is now, is that the horsehide had a rough side on the outside. Now, I don’t mean rough as to the skin but not a smooth texture. The inside of the pouch where the magazine goes was smooth. I was wondering if a magazine would fall out after a few months of use.

I now know that the outside is supposed to “stick” for a lack of a better word, to your clothing when you extract the magazine. This, I am presuming, reduces the pressure on the plastic “J” hook and rivets thus extending their life. The inside being smooth allows the magazine to come out easier and once again, put less pressure on the plastic pieces.

So far, so good. I have not had an issue with the magazine coming out unintentionally. The fit is and has been tight. I did worry about that a little when I went from a Glock 23 (40 S&W) to a Glock 19 (9mm). Even though the magazines appear to be the same external size, I will presume they are not. The pouch apparently had not stretched to any detriment.

Those of you who know me know that I am a “the glass is half empty and that water is really backwash” kind of guy. So here come the negative points on this magazine pouch.

The retail price, the asking price at the shop I purchased it from was $79.99! Now, when I picked it up the sticker looked like $19.99 to me, so don’t think I buy expensive stuff. When that price rang up at the register I immediately said, “No thanks”. Fortunately, the store owner negotiated a much better deal.

Today this product is no longer available through Galco, discontinued according to some distributors web sites. When I started this article in 2013, it was down to $44.95 on the Galco web site. Today, I did find it on eBay for $25 with free shipping. If you don’t like their politics, you might find one if you browse around the net.

The next issue I have with this pouch is it only works with skinny/thin belts that are no more than 1 ¼” tall. This is the typical belt you would buy at JC Penny’s or Wal-Mart. This is, however, not the type of belt I recommend you use to carry a handgun on your waist.

With your gear on  and using a skinny belt, unzip and see how quickly hardware (your gun and magazines) follow gravity and flop around, not fun or safe. A belt such as that will flop out of your pants belt loops in a heartbeat and heaven only knows where the gun and holster will go from there and what and who gets covered by the muzzle as it flops around and you try to grab it.

This magazine pouch is made for “dress belts” only, while your pistol holster is made for a sturdy 1 1/2 to 2” belt that is thick so it stays in place. If your pants are made for the larger, thicker belts then you have more “flopping”. Hence one reason why I earlier stated that I wear this “off and on”. My Sunday / dress pants only like the skinny belts so that why this pouch is still worn. My everyday and weekend pants all have big enough loops that I use a 1 3/4” Galco leather gun belt.


Another issue I have with the pouch is the way it physically fits my body. By looking at the photo taken from the Galco web site, think of how much it pushes in on your side. With a double-stack magazine like the Glock, the pouch attempts to nestle about 1 1/2” inside my pelvis. Imagine that pushing there all day, not fun. I have tried to move the pouch to just behind my hip, when I do that, the top of the magazine digs into my ribs. In an effort to relieve the discomfort (no matter where I have the pouch), I end up loosening my belt (the too thin flimsy one). Now drawing the magazine or gun becomes more difficult since the pouch and holster are not held firmly in place and they, along with the belt, ride up another couple of inches making the draw difficult and clumsy, not something you want in an emergency situation.

With all that said, the Galco UDCMC is a quality made, lasting product that is designed to hold onto your clothing and not the magazine during a draw of the magazine. It only fits the thin, flimsy short belts and presses inconveniently into your side or hip. I will keep mine for Sunday use for now. I suggest you carefully consider this pouch and maybe try it on before you purchase.

Until I review again, have a ND free week!