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Appendix Carry Inside the Waist Band (IWB) kydex holster

It seems that lots of people are making “kydex” holsters these days. Late 2012 I was given one to review from a training academy I attend. Here is my take on this particular holster.

This is an IWB Appendix carry holster. The holster fits “across” the belt loops to assist in holding it in place, or you could just place it between loops, however that dramatically effects the draw and I do not recommend it.

Properly looped around the pants belt loop
Properly looped around the pants belt loop

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Building a Pink AR, the adventure

Back in October 2012, I decided to build a pink AR for my beautiful bride. Not because pink is a girls color but because she has worked in the breast care arena for many years. My goal was to build it by Christmas, and I wanted to make it as light as possible. Unfortunately parts were hard to find. I had the lower and an EOTech 512 along with a “lower parts kit”, several magazines, that was about it.

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Firefield laser bore sight

Believe it or not I miss writing articles. Back in the late 90s I wrote several firearms and firearm accessories reviews (They were never published). Before that I wrote several short stories and some poetry (that was published). In 2001 I began writing technology articles for local newspapers (in the Ozarks area) and then began a web site (, and a newsletter. With 2 jobs plus the writing, something had to give, unfortunately it was the one thing that did not pay, writing. Continue reading Firefield laser bore sight

Fobus ankle holster review

As I have expressed in other computer and firearms related reviews, it bugs the heck out of me when the reviewers don’t tell you how long they have tried a product, or worse, they have had it a week or in many cases one or two days and then they tell you to “buy it”, “it is great”.

With technology, of course, the change is so quick that you cannot use a product for 3 or 4 months, truly wring it out and report back because it has been replaced, at least most of the time. See my review of the Viewsonic tablet for an example.

Today I want to report on an ankle holster that I have used off and on for 4 years. More off than on for the last 2 years. The Fobus KTP-32, an ankle holster that holds the Keltec 32, my BUG (Back Up Gun). Continue reading Fobus ankle holster review