CZ-52 in 9 mm Luger hit or bust?

The CZ-52 was an imported semi-automatic pistol. Here is a brief overview and here

Back in the 90’s this, and many “commie” guns, were a readily available on the free market. I bought one after a friend showed me his, it seemed like a fun gun for under $125. The original CZ-52 came in 7.62×25. I love this round.

I traded a Ruger Super Red Hawk with 2x Leupold scope for the CZ plus three SKS 30 round detachable magazines and one AK-47, 80 round drum. I got the raw end of the deal. I have mentioned the Ruger in other articles as my pig hunting gun.

This CZ-52 was in 9mm Luger, with the serial number on the barrel matching the rest on the pistol, so I thought it came from the factory that way. It did not. I would later learn that the importer swapped barrels and put the serial numbers on the barrels to match the gun. I presume to get suckers like me.

That pistol was a jam-o-matic. Constant feed issues. Somewhere I have a micro audio tape of my “report” on it. That gun was my first ever firearm related review. Needless to say, I eventually sold it.
What I now know is that a major part of the trouble was the size of the 9mm round compared to the original round the pistol was designed for, the 7.62×25.

Left to right. 9mm Luger, 9mm Largo and 7.62 Tokarev

The 9mm Luger is too short, allowing too much distance between the magazine and the barrel feed ramp. The Largo is long enough to make the jump.

I wrote about caliber swapping in this article:

9mm Luger is also called 9×19 with the 19 referring to mm length of the case. The Largo is 9×23 but not to be confused with other 9×23 rounds. The Largo is a low-pressure round. The 23mm length is close to the 25mm of the Tokarev, so it is a better round length wise.

The Tokarev overall length is 1.386” while the Largo is 1.320” and the Luger is about 1.120” for 115 grain.

The Tokarev round is high pressure and fast, however I do not suggest using a hot round of similar length. You can read more at the end of the article I mentioned above.

I have had no problems with the Tokarev or the Largo cartridges functioning in the pistol.

This is not much of an article, I just wanted to pass along an experience I had with this pistol in 9mm cartridge.

Until we meet again, keep your booger hook off the bang switch until you are on target and ready to fire.