Start your physical security on a budget

I am a gun snob, I admit it, and I like high quality firearms. $25,000 Over/Under shotguns are beautiful; however I am a blue collar worker so they are not in my budget.

Sometimes I carry over that snobbery to the weapons I own and like at this time. However, just because I have a Glock does not mean I always have, and that everyone can afford one. There was a day, a decade ago, I worked three jobs and was writing my first book on computers just to keep up with the bills, not the Jones’s. Continue reading Start your physical security on a budget

Generators: they are not just for Preppers

There are several different types of generators that can be used during a loss of power event. Solar, Natural/propane gas and Fuel based (Gasoline and or diesel). In this article I want to go over only the fuel based generators.

Fuel based generators come in a large variety of physical sizes, have extremely large variances in wattage / power output and range in portability from units you pick up and carry by a handle to those with 2 wheels that you move around like a heavy wheelbarrow up to those on trailers that you must move around by attaching to a vehicle. Continue reading Generators: they are not just for Preppers

Break Glass in Time of War

I had a long introduction about PTSD and how it has influenced me, my family and friends, however, I would prefer you just delve into the article.

This article is reprinted with permission from a man I recently met, David Burnell. Though it was written a couple of years ago, I feel it is as valid as ever. The article here is un-edited, however in case you want to double-check, the original is located here: Continue reading Break Glass in Time of War

CrossBreed Supertuck holster review

First off, let me remind you, I am not a fair weather holster / gun wearer. I put it on as soon as my pants get on and take it off when I get undressed for my shower at night. The only other time I take off my holster is if I am going through a metal detector. Other than that I have it on. Some people remove their gun when they get home. What good does it do you in the bedroom when you are in the living room and a criminal or multiple criminals break in? A holster must be comfortable enough for all day, and into the night wearing. My CrossBreed Supertuck is one such holster. Continue reading CrossBreed Supertuck holster review

Canovi Signature Series Custom holster – 1911

As a long time advertiser on the Gun Show Radio, Christmas 2012 Matt Canovi gave me a gift of any of his Custom holsters I would like.

The holsters are made by Gaunt Leatherworks in Springfield Missouri. The first week of January 2013 I went by Gaunt and spoke with the owner Tim Gaunt and told him what I wanted, which was the Custom Elite 2-piece detachable holster for my 1911. I figured that since I had not worn my 1911 in a while this would be a good time to do so again, plus it gave me a good reason to see how a different firearm in a different type holster would feel. Continue reading Canovi Signature Series Custom holster – 1911