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Prepping / Emergency food

I have been working on this article for about two years, it was just not ready to be published, then this week Price Cutter had canned veggies for 29 cents a can. Harter House used to weekly have them for 39 cents, now I noticed they are up to 49 cents. With that in mind, here are my ideas on stocking up on food, the EASY and INEXPENSIVE way to do it.

After all who wants to eat green cookies?
After all who wants to eat green cookies?

There are more than a few articles about food for long and mid-term. Some say to buy it all at once, others give a list of what to buy every week. Many are based on ‘dry’ goods (beans and rice) only or refer you to MRE’s or premade freeze dried foods. While all these are ‘good’ articles you should get food you will actually and ‘normally’ eat as a part of the solution. Continue reading Prepping / Emergency food

Having enough water and long term storage

FEMA and other sources say you need 1 gallon of water per day per person. This is not just for drinking but hygiene and cleaning (toilet, washing clothing and dishes) too. It is an average and not written in stone.

There are easy steps you can follow to prepare your household in  case of an emergency. Power outages, ice storms, hurricanes and earthquakes are just a few of the reasons you should take easy cheap simple steps to help yourself when a disaster strikes.
Sometimes radio and TV shows strike fear into people about preparing for disaster or turmoil. Many people like myself see the elephant and start to freak out, how do you eat this whole thing? One bite at a time. I want you to be as ready as you can be without adding unneeded anxiety to your life. Continue reading Having enough water and long term storage