Be a “Good Witness” or a Victor the choice is yours

I was and have been told all my life some lies that have been exposed in the last 20 years. Yet, as most opinions that are stated over and over, they have become false facts.

For years the gun shop talk said, “get a shotgun and if you hear an intruder, rack the slide, the invader will poop their pants and run away” and “give the little lady a light weight revolver, that way she doesn’t need to worry about controls on a semi-auto”.

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Thoughts on criminals and firearms

Criminals see guns as tools, nothing more. They don’t buy holsters, spare magazines, or proper ammo. They just buy (normally illegally), or steal, a gun to use as a tool in their ‘job. They think of a gun no different than they think of bolt cutters, hammers, gloves.

If thugs feel there is a chance of them getting caught, they just throw the weapon in a ditch or alley or gutter. Sometimes it is ditched in a place they can come back and retrieve it. Criminals and thugs don’t have holsters, spare magazines or ammo because if they are caught, it shows intent, and that there was a weapon, remember that most thugs are career criminals and cannot legally posses a weapon. By carrying a gun tucked in their pants they can leave minimal or no evidence that they had a handgun when or if they committed a crime. A holster is an extra expense and more difficult to get rid of (presuming they have a belt on). Continue reading Thoughts on criminals and firearms

Barter items – in case your world goes to heck

In past articles I have spoken of a few way to prepare for disasters of any sort. The food shortages in Venezuela should be a reminder of that. It should also remind you, no matter how much gold, silver or bullets you have, if there are no beans, you can’t buy or trade for them.

This article is based on the presumption you have stockpiled a minimum of supplies and needs for yourself and your family. Only after you have done that should you begin your barter pile (unless you buy both at the same time like a 2 pack of aspirin). Continue reading Barter items – in case your world goes to heck

Bill Maher’s standards are not American

This week we have another guest article by Dan McNeil, he wrote this to his e-mail subscribers late last year, around October.

When rich and famous Robin Williams killed himself last year, it was quite a shock.
But each year at this time, the suicides that really strike home are the ones that occurred 13 years ago when the 9/11 suiciders struck. Continue reading Bill Maher’s standards are not American

The Pink AR Adventure – a continuing saga

Last November 2015, I posted an article on the build of my wife’s pink AR. You can read about it here –
One part that I had not purchased for that rifle was a pink trigger. I waited and hunted trying to find a deal. Finally for Christmas 2015 I just ordered it from and paid $200 for it.

I'm so pretty, oh so pretty...
I’m so pretty, oh so pretty…

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Fed Ex, my most recent Ex!

Star Date – October 2014, yes this was “in the can” this long, you will understand soon enough.

As a micro business, I live and die by deliveries. I need parts to repair, build and modify technology in order to take care of my clients. I also rely on parts from vendors like Brownells. That is part of the “Global Economy”.

I miss DHL! I tried to use them exclusively in my shipping out and in when possible but over the years they just have not been able to compete or for some other reason they have come, gone, come, gone and now seem to be international only.

My UPS driver is great, works with me, never an issue! Insert angelic sounds here. They work with me, help me with deliveries and in general are very good to excellent to work with. I do admit, during the Holiday’s I have had an issue or two, directly related to temporary drivers delivering to the front door, not under the car port.

FedEx is my Ex. I hate them, it seems I get a new driver every 6 months. They don’t know where to leave a package and seem to only care about getting done for the day.

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My Long Jeopardy Nightmare Continues

Today we get another fun guest article by Dan McNeil

In my years-long quest to prove I’m at least as smart as the guy who comes in third on Jeopardy, I once again took the annual online test to compete on the show.

Typically you just have to be lucky enough to get several questions in your areas of expertise.

In my case, that’s 20th century history, college football, and all the naked scenes from “Game of Thrones”. Continue reading My Long Jeopardy Nightmare Continues