Thoughts on criminals and firearms

Criminals see guns as tools, nothing more. They don’t buy holsters, spare magazines, or proper ammo. They just buy (normally illegally), or steal, a gun to use as a tool in their ‘job. They think of a gun no different than they think of bolt cutters, hammers, gloves.

If thugs feel there is a chance of them getting caught, they just throw the weapon in a ditch or alley or gutter. Sometimes it is ditched in a place they can come back and retrieve it. Criminals and thugs don’t have holsters, spare magazines or ammo because if they are caught, it shows intent, and that there was a weapon, remember that most thugs are career criminals and cannot legally posses a weapon. By carrying a gun tucked in their pants they can leave minimal or no evidence that they had a handgun when or if they committed a crime. A holster is an extra expense and more difficult to get rid of (presuming they have a belt on).This is just one of many reasons why I recommend that you, the good guy, use a holster and not a pistol clip or just tuck a weapon in your pants.

Many times the guns used in crimes don’t even have ammo in them ( or have incorrect ammo in it. In this story it cost the robber his life

This is because of their mentality and part of why they are criminals. Remember as Matt Canovi says, “Criminals are dumb, but they aren’t stupid.”

Please don’t take your life in your hands thinking a criminal is using gun that might be unloaded or have incorrect ammunition in it. Bad guys have guns for a reason, at a minimum it is for intimidation and threats, in worse case they have to “remove” what has become a threat to them, a witness or both.

Most of the time the guns used in crimes have been stolen from the legal owners. That possibly lets us know why the wrong ammo is in them. Many times the guns are stolen from poor people in poor neighborhoods. These people who legally bought the weapon normally purchase less expensive ones simply due to their budget. This is another reason I believe that older guns and ‘cheap’ guns are used more often in crimes.

That does not mean that criminals don’t have “good” guns. Criminals go straight for the master bedroom and steal guns from homes, out of vehicles and right off their victims.

Fake guns, air-soft guns and toy guns are used in crimes too.


FBI stats –

The use of stolen guns, I believe is why long guns and semi auto weapons are rarely used in crimes. In fact, long guns are used less than 1% of the time according to the FBI. They are hard to conceal and if they must be disposed of, they are much more difficult to ‘hide’ so they can be retrieved later. You can read the statistics here
and here

Long guns includes the standard AR and AK type of weapons that some idiots call “assault weapons”


I'm still not sure why Libatards are so afraid of 'a salt rifles'.
I’m still not sure why Libatards are so afraid of ‘a salt rifles’.

There are other statistics for robberies et al in the above reports, but they don’t break the firearm type down for some reason.

Before you think you are going to lecture me on the 1% or less, yes long guns are used in crimes, however, they are normally used in assassinations of other criminals. Crime-on-criminals so to speak.

The killing of rival gangs, this however is a rare event outside of that.
Recently several staunch Democrats have gone on murder sprees using shotguns, Semi-automatic rifles (AR, AK and SKS types). All I can say about that is, they apparently like Joe Biden and his advice.

It appears that liberals hatred for others over-rode their belief that guns are bad. I presume since they are Democrats and from big cities they are anti-gun. Maybe it serves to teach those who are not ‘afraid’ of guns why some people are so against them. You see, it has crossed my mind, maybe the reason some liberals don’t like guns is, they believe, that they will become murders because they have a tool to do so. This was a revelation brought to me when my extreme N.O.W. card carrying mother-in-law said “If I had a gun I would kill those people.” She was referring to those wild eyes right wingers called the TEA Party.

OMG look at those violent TEA Party members!
OMG look at those violent TEA Party members!
Look at all that violence and vandalism from the TEA party, sure wish they were like those nice BLM folks.
Look at all that violence and vandalism from the TEA party, sure wish they were like those nice BLM folks.

I don’t believe that a gun make a person a murder any more than taking chemistry makes a person an assassin. I believe it is a mindset. For the most part, “Conservatives” value life and that is why they, as a rule of thumb don’t commit murder yet have weapons to protect. On the other hand “Liberals” are keen on killing (abortion, death of women in other countries et al), have anger control issues, act out on “feelings” instead of facts and don’t truly believe in God.

The Liberal face of Love and Understanding
The Liberal face of Love and Understanding

Without a moral standard, which is given by God (it’s called the Bible) people have no moral compass.

That’s it for this rambling, until we meet again, keep your booger hooker off the bang switch until on target and ready to fire.