My Long Jeopardy Nightmare Continues

Today we get another fun guest article by Dan McNeil

In my years-long quest to prove I’m at least as smart as the guy who comes in third on Jeopardy, I once again took the annual online test to compete on the show.

Typically you just have to be lucky enough to get several questions in your areas of expertise.

In my case, that’s 20th century history, college football, and all the naked scenes from “Game of Thrones”.

That Guy

Ya Ya, “Game of Thrones” nakedness. Obviously you are a very schmart fella.  No buddy vatches dat show.

But ohhhh they’re tricky peoples, these Jeopardies are.

The test is administered online three consecutive nights, and each night the test is different.

So I signed up for the second night, and how was it?


What the heck is the capital of Cameroon?  What the heck is a Cameroon?

I thought it was a cookie, so I put down Keebler Town, but I’m pretty sure that’s wrong.

That Guy

Nein, nein,  I tink Keebler Town ist okie-dokie.

Some of the other questions were sneaky, but pretty easy if you know your history.

Quick, name the third country to get the bomb.

Got it?  Sure you do.

Everybody knows the United States got the bomb first.  And after we got the bomb, we gave it to— Japan. Twice.

That Guy

Oh yah—I tink you haff turd place sewed up.

Sign me up, Trebek. If you dare.

Dan McNeil,
Cartridge World on Campbell