Today we have a guest article from MKS Supply.

Gloves.  A while back Hi-Point had posted about the usage of gloves when shooting.


As it turns out it was met with mostly laughs and jokes saying that gloves are far too tactical.  Are they?  Our hands are a defining characteristic of what makes us, us.  Humans that is.

We tend not to think about wearing gloves when shooting but why not?   Gloves can be a simple layer of protection.
No one says that you need to drop $100.00 plus dollars on a pair of gloves.  Cheaper options are out there and will still serve the purpose of protecting ones hands.  Elements are one thing and hot barrels are another.  Almost any time I’m running a suppressor I have gloves on or at the least on hand.  Even helping tear down a shooting stage many shooters down a pair of gloves to protect from splintered wood, staples that have gone too far, or steel targets that may have burs.

In the future try wearing a pair of gloves when on the range.  Depending on the gloves and the gun it can make a significant difference in the feel of the firearm you are working with.  You will quickly find some glove and gun combinations simply do not work, and others you will feel right at home.

I have a pair of Oakley gloves that I picked up for a bargain price at the 2016 NRA show. I  can say that I love them.  I love them with an asterisk.  Some of my pistols have a smaller inner diameter trigger guard and can make it difficult to feel the trigger.  Hi-Point and Glock come to mind where as my CZ P09 feels just as good with or with out gloves.
In the end a little protection can go a long way with a pair of gloves.

The Firearm Blog also recent posted a good list of gloves worth trying out.  Click on the link below for their listing.  Also Lows and auto parts stores usually have a pretty good selection and styles you can try on.

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