XS Sight Systems Visit – Part 3, Other Sights and parts

In Part 1 of this article I went over my visit to XS Sights and their business practices. In Part 2 I briefly wrote about their handgun sights. Here I want to quickly let the readers know, they make sights for rifles as well as other products for firearms.

While XS makes many handgun sights, don’t overlook that fact they make rifle and shotgun sights too. If your Remington or Benelli need an added advantage, XS has what your need. What about your Springfield M1, AK-47 or AR-15 type rifles, yes, they have a large selection from the CSAT (Combat Sight Alignment) to angles mount sights to supplement your scope, including Ghost ring sights. They have dozens of options you can sort through to find what you need.

You can replace the front and rear sights or in the case of the AK and AR you can simply swap out your old front post with a new Stripe, Big Dot, Standard or Tritium strip sight.

For you lever action shooters, they have sights for you too! Low mount or tall they cover you needs. No, I did not forget about you bolt guys, Sako and Ruger are rifles that you can install XS Sights on that I know of.

Other than sights, they also make rails for Mossberg, Ruger, Marlin and Remington. Some of these manufacturers buy the rail from XS and install them on their weapons, with others you can buy the rail yourself and install it or have it installed. Lever action scout rails for Marlin, Ruger’s Gunsite Scout and Mossberg are some that I was able to see being manufactured or in line to be painted.

In 2008 XS started making the GAT (Glass Assault Tool) for breaking windows. I did not hear about this tool until 2013, shame on me. The GAT was created from the mind of Master Sgt. Paul Howe (USA-Retired) who along with Ed created the tools that are in use worldwide today. Together they saw glass as a barrier, not a soft target to be defeated.

The GAT attached to the end of a weapon or light on a weapon allowing the operator to keep their hands on the firearm and thus better control of it while entering high risk areas or for vehicle extractions.

One unique feature of the GAT is the tips / blades are replaceable. If you know anything about physics, you know that jamming something hard into another hard object dulls and breaks both. Instead of requiring the owners of a GAT to buy a new one every time they wear theirs out, XS Sights decided to help the end users pocket and make the tips replaceable. Wow, what a concept, thinking of the customers, GREAT job Pastusek family!

Unfortunately, right now Stephanie says the GAT is for Law Enforcement and Military only.

I asked Stephanie what we could look forward to during the rest of 2014 and beyond and specifically if she needed anything “leaked”. No leaks needed she told me.

Well that about covers it for this adventure. Feel free to visit the XS web site at www.xssights.com or www.xs-info.com where you can download a catalog, watch installation videos or contact them.

As a quick aside, I have received no gifts, bribes or “considerations” from XS Sights, I spent the time visiting and wrote this article just to find out about them and pass the information on to you, the reader.

Be prepared for a report on my XS Sight Big dot experience on my EDC. It’s not what you would expect.

Until we meet again, keep your trigger off the bang switch.

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