If You’re Losing Your Memory Due to Advancing Age…

A guest post by Dan McNeil

Relax.  This is so common, somebody I don’t remember wrote a hilarious song about it.

If you were around in the 60’s, you might know of Tom Rush.  One of the numerous folkies that included Joni Mitchell and that whole crowd, the song he sings here is very funny and will help you forget your troubles, which you probably already forgot you had.

For a couple of minutes of good time, click the button in the picture…

And once you hear Tom perform The Memory Song above, you’ll know that unlike the people in the picture below, not all folksingers of the 60’s were sanctimonious, insufferable, self-absorbed twits (read any interview done in the last forty years with Peter, Paul, and Mary and try not to gag).

Yeah, if I had a hammer, I know what I'd do...
Yeah, if I had a hammer, I know what I’d do…

And speaking of obnoxious big-mouth characters—

I’ve had a rabid fish-crush on this deepwater horror since I was a kid.

The. Coolest. Thing. in. the. Ocean
The. Coolest. Thing. in. the. Ocean

Casually cruising the internet as I do for fifteen or twenty hours each day, I ran across a fantastic little two-minute video on the Angler Fish.

Such grotesquery is always gratifying to see in picture books, but when you witness this little monster in action on video—well—it’s a touching, special moment.

After you click on the button, tell all of your flounder friends to lock the doors and hide the kids.

Since the Angler Fish is a deep sea denizen, I’ve arranged for a brief comment from this newsletter’s freelance reporter in our underwater deep sea journalists division—Osama bin Laden.

Sure the guy is dead, but since he’s underwater and three thousand feet down, I thought maybe he’d like to throw in with a comment.

Thanks for dropping by, your wetness.  Are you as fascinated by the angler fish as I am?

Hello? Hello? I can't hear you. Hello? Hello?
Hello? Hello? I can’t hear you. Hello? Hello?

Hello?  Hello?  I can’t hear you.  Hello?  Hello? Well, there you go.  I guess the reception in hell isn’t very good.

Dan McNeil,Owner/Operator

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